Karting Guernsey buys the PPBF a new gazebo

Matt and gazebo 1

Money raised through selling balaclavas at Karting Guernsey has raised enough to buy a state of the art gazebo for the PPBF.

Director and owner at Karting Guernsey, Matt Ford, said they first got involved with the charity when Seb Priaulx, Andy and Jo’s son, showed an interest in karting three years ago.

‘We started thinking it would be a great idea to raise some money for the charity.’

For health reasons, balaclavas became compulsory to wear when racing last year. They are sold at £1 each and that money goes directly to the PPBF.

The PPBF team saw Karting Guernsey’s gazebo at a hillclimb and enquired where it was made.

‘I thought it was a good idea to buy one for the charity with their branding on.’

Matt said both he and Karting Guernsey’s circuit manager, Craig Martel, were fathers to young children, and the work of the charity struck a chord.

‘My daughter is three-months-old and when we had our tour of the ward, we got to see first hand all the amazing work that the charity does,’ said Matt.

Karting Guernsey donated over £2,000 to the charity last year, which paid for the gazebo and left an additional £700 which went into the charity.