Local oarsmen to attempt world record for the PPBF & The Ivy Trust #Row24hours

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Simon Johns and James Coquelin will be attempting to break a world record and raise money for charity by rowing nonstop for 24 hours on the 12th & 13th of February. The event will be taking place at Tri Fitness as they will be sponsoring the challenge along with TPA Creative. Money will be raised for The Burrow to purchase a property next to Southampton Hospital for local families with poorly children and The Ivy Trust, a local charity that supports parents after the loss of a baby during pregnancy / soon after birth.

‘I don’t doubt that non-stop rowing for 24 hours is going to be extremely tough! The fact that James and Simon are willing to put in this much effort to raise money for The Burrow is just amazing. We wish the pair the best of luck in breaking a world record and we are so grateful to be supported by their challenge.’ – Jo Priaulx

‘I am sure there will be some dark moments, rowing all out for 20 minutes and then having only 20 minutes rest before going again will test our mental and physical strength beyond anything we can really imagine. Hopefully the thought of helping families in need, through our chosen charities, will help to keep us going.’ – James Coquelin

You can donate and find out more by visiting the Row24 Facebook event! #Row24hours