Hollybrook Lodge – PPBF Southampton Flat

Our perfect little haven

We are delighted to be able to provide a home for local families when their little ones need a helping hand in Southampton Hospital.
Due to the consistently high demand of families needing a place to stay, we have been fundraising for a place of our very own: The Burrow, which is set to open in 2017 and run alongside Hollybrook Lodge.

A dream come true.

One of the long held dreams of the PPBF was to provide accommodation for families of premature babies and children undergoing care off island, was finally realised in 2010. We are thrilled to be able to offer a fully furnished, 2 bedroom property within touching distance of the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton – a hospital where many local babies and children have to go when requiring off island treatment.

Already referred to as ‘the perfect haven’, the apartment provides a place of privacy and space where parents can have some time to themselves, as well as deal with practical issues like cooking meals, washing clothes etc which may not be possible when staying in the hospital or a hotel. The flat also allows grandparents and siblings to stay, giving parents invaluable support from their own families. We are forever grateful to the family that recognised the need for the accommodation, put plans in place to purchase it and have very generously leased it to the PPBF.


Flat 4, Hollybrook Lodge, 199 Coxford Road, Coxford, Southampton. SO16 5AR

Useful Tips for travelling to Southampton

Tips for travelling to the UK from mums who’ve been there, done that and lived to tell the tale:

1) Try and get some English money before departure
2) Ensure you have photo id

3) Pack an overnight bag as well as a suitcase as you may only be able to take hand luggage on the medical flight
4) Remember to take essential items such as mobile phone and charger, contact lenses and glasses
5) Try and get an English pay-as-you- go sim card to reduce roaming charges
6) Give a family member or close friend a house key before you depart so they can clear out your fridge, turn heating off etc in your absence
7) Try not to panic, your baby is going to the best place for them.