'Buy a night' for a local family of a premature baby or seriously poorly child.

Our compassionate housing, close to Southampton Hospital, provides a lifeline but we need your help.

Please help us give them a good night's sleep

Our compassionate housing, Aggie's Burrow and Isaac's Pad, work as hard on our finances as they do to provide a lifeline to those families in our community.  Local families benefit enormously from having somewhere safe to stay, close to their little one being cared for at Southampton Hospital.


Just £5 a month for a year (£60), can 'Buy a Night' for local family. bringing them peace of mind when they need it most. 

Please help us keep these lifelines running and help us give them a good night's sleep.


Check out the calendar below to see who's sponsored which nights already.

Please complete the donation form above.


When making a donation, please choose Aggie's Burrow or Isaac's Pad  . We also need your email address so that we can liaise with you which date you would like to buy.

Thank you to the wonderful friends of PPBF