Fundraising ideas

There are so many ways to help us raise funds and enjoy yourself at the same time

Sponsored events

Sponsored events, from running a marathon, to sponsored swims or even sponsored silences; getting fit or trying something new can be great fun, but also help raise us funds.  Please think of the PPBF next time you're about to do something good for charity.

If you would like a PPBF running shirt or hoody please contact us in advance of your event.

Please contact us if you would like to set up an online sponsorship form here on our site and/or download our sponsorship form below.

Sponsor form


PPBF often get asked whether we would like items knitted for us. The answer is Yes please. Small teddies and animals are great items to add to our premature baby boxes.

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Cake sales

Everybody loves a cake with a cuppa.  Why not "Bake off" and ask for donations and help PPBF.

Dress down days

Make next Friday a dress down or dress up day.  Cheer up a work day and ask for contributions to help us raise valuable funds.

Thank you to the wonderful friends of PPBF