Supporting families with premature babies since 2003

The PPBF have been supporting families from the Channel Islands with premature babies and compassionate housing since 2003.

What is a premature baby & what does it mean to have one?

A premature baby is defined as a baby born at less than 37 weeks gestation. Nationally about 11% of babies are born prematurely with those born closer to full term generally requiring less care than those that arrive earlier.

If a pregnant mum is at risk of a premature birth she may be prescribed steroids which will help to mature the baby’s lungs, making lung disease much less likely.

What is a premature baby & what does it mean to have one?

The treatment and care offered by the Special Care Baby Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey is second to none, and you will soon come to regard the ward as your new, albeit temporary, home. In addition many mums have commented how the superb nurses can quickly take the place of friends and family.

Fortunately due to the relatively small number of premature babies born each year here in Guernsey much of the fantastic nursing support is often provided on a one to one basis.

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