Supporting families with premature babies

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Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation offers some light when times seem dark 

Our work helps to support families, when they feel helpless, vulnerable and alone.  Every life is precious but when babies are born early or children become seriously ill, the fragility of life becomes all too obvious.



What we do

The Foundation has raised in excess of £1,000,000 since 2003. The money raised is used to purchase equipment for the local neonatal unit and in the past this has included items such as a cerebral monitor, incubator, ventilators, training aids such as an advanced simulator doll. There are many smaller, but equally important items that are given to the unit such as breast pumps, relaxing chairs and a much used camera printer.

Jo and Sammy regularly meet with paediatrician, Dr Sandie Bohin, and neonatal staff, to establish long term and short term goals and ensure that the monies raised are put to best use.

Baby boxes

The PPBF put together ‘baby boxes’ which contain many premature baby items including clothing and nappies, as well gifts for the new baby and Mum. These are given in a decorative box which can then be used as a keepsake box.

Emergency assistance

Assistance is also given to families and children of the Bailiwick suffering serious or life threatening conditions. In the past such support has involved purchasing specialist equipment for the car or home, or supporting parents so that they can stay with their children whilst receiving treatment off island.

Compassionate housing

The PPBF manages two,  two bedroom, furnished, apartments in Southampton situated next to the Princess Anne Hospital and across the road from the General Hospital.


Our Stories & Celebrations

Read the stories from the friends and families who are part of the PPBF family

Guernsey Parents of Premature and Sick Babies

If you are looking for support there is a Facebook page that you can join with local families who've been through similar experiences.

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