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Aggie's Burrow and Isaac's Pad are our two Southampton apartments we offer to families who's children need treatment in the Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton. They provide a safe haven and offer privacy and comfort to families during immensely difficult times

How Isaac's Pad and Aggie's Burrow came about

The PPBF worked tirelessly to raise much-needed funds for its Burrow Appeal, which launched in 2015. The appeal’s aim was for the charity to own a property close to Southampton General Hospital that would offer local families a comfortable place to stay while their little ones underwent vital hospital care.

Thanks to islanders’ generosity, fundraising campaigns such as ‘Buy-a-Brick’ and a substantial gift from a Guernsey-based charitable trust set up by Jim Wilkinson and his late wife Peggy, the charity was able to realise its ambitious goal to pass its total of £150,000 two years earlier than planned.

The appeal was further boosted when a second property was gifted to the charity, a two-bedroomed apartment, located within the same complex.

Local businesses including Creaseys, Beds1st and Whites & Company, amongst many many others helped with furnishing, transportation to kit out the apartments.

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Isaac's Pad 

The PPBF always had a dream to be able to offer a property close to the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton - a hospital where many local babies and children have to go when requiring off island treatment.

Isaac's Pad was named after a premature baby boy who spent 29 days in Southampton Hospital. His parents had been staying in a hotel and realised how extremely difficult it was to be a bus ride journey from your baby, which felt like a million miles away. We're forever grateful to the family who went on to fundraise for the PPBF to help purchase a flat right next door to the hospital, which we call Isaac's Pad.

We were able to offer in our first accomodation in  2010.  A fully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment within touching distance of the hospital. The flat also allows grandparents and siblings to stay, giving parents invaluable support from their own families.

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days Issac’s Pad, our first apartment, has been occupied since launch

days Aggie’s Burrow, our second apartment has been occupied since launch

premature babies born in the Channel Islands in 2019

£100,000 the amount we need to raise each year to continue support families in their hour of need

Aggie's Burrow

Aggie Nicolle was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in May 2014 and less than two years later the illness took her life. The PPBF’s accommodation near Southampton Hospital helped the family stay together as much as possible during Aggie’s treatment, and they have done much to support the charity in return.

Aggie's Burrow opened in 2017 and provides a second venue we can help families to be close to their loved ones during periods of treatment.

We dedicated the apartment in memory of the beautiful courageous Aggie Nicolle and we are honoured that her name lives on within our charity

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Thank you to the wonderful friends of PPBF